Econnect Solar and Electrical is an Australian Solar Company that is committed to bringing affordable solar solutions to the homes of NSW and QLD, in an effort to create sustainable business in a win-win scenario, for the company, the customers and the environment.



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Introducing the Econnect Solar Referral Program

*from 01 March 2019 onwards

Share your love of solar and earn rewards:

Now that your system is installed you can experience all the benefits of going solar. Why not share the good news with your friends and family?  Our referral program rewards you for doing exactly that. Even if you don't have a solar system with Econnect Solar, you can still participate!

How it works:

For all referrals, the referred customer must purchase a full paneled system from Econnect Solar totaling a minimum of 2.5 kilowatts. This program is specific to residential projects in NSW and QLD.

Referrals will be valid from 01 March 2019. There will be no rewards paid for referrals or installed systems before that date.

What you can earn:

For Econnect Solar Customers

Are you happy with your system? Tell your friends and family and you'll receive a reward for each referred client who completes a full system installation with us. Your reward is specifically outlined in the Referral Program Email sent to you. There is no limit to the number of people you can refer. 

Even If You Are Not A Customer

If you are enthusiastic about solar but haven't installed a system with Econnect Solar yet, you can still earn a gift voucher of your choice valued at $150.

How to claim your referral:

Fill out our referral form below with the referee’s information and your name.

Referral Form

Please fill in the details of the person you are referring to us.

When will I receive my bonus?

Checks are sent 4-6 weeks after the referred customer’s final payment is received by Econnect Solar.