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How Much Is A Solar System In 2019?

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

To figure out how much a solar system will cost you, isn’t that easy. Unfortunately, there are many solar systems advertised for too cheap. This is only possible using a lot of tricks that, in the long run, end up costing the customer much more than expected.

Costs of a solar system 2019

So how can companies sell at such low prices?

These companies advertise a very low price for the panels and inverter and don’t say anything about the brand. When you make an enquiry, they up-sell you to better hardware, so the customer ends up paying much more. They claim that their panels are tier one. But what is a tier one panel and what are the criteria for a panel to qualify as that? A tier one solar manufacturer is nothing more than a company that has provided their panels for 6 solar projects. Read more about this in the info box.

These companies often outsource to contractors so they are not responsible if something goes wrong with the install. They are paying low install rates which lead to poor installations. These are only a few examples of how people can get ripped of by solar companies.

Be careful who you pick as your solar provider

If your solar provider is a one-man show and has packed up his shop or has gone out of business, he will not ensure his customer guarantees are met. In this case you will not be able to get any customer service or aftercare.

So be careful with one-man solar companies. If they go out of business, which can easily happen since they aren’t able to compensate for any bigger financial loss, then nobody will offer you a solution if there is any problem with your solar system.

Now that you know all that, the next step is to make sure the solar system you buy ticks all the following boxes:

  • For your system, only good quality panels, inverters and mounting systems are used

  • Your system is designed with the option to adding batteries in the future

  • It is installed by a CEC accredited and qualified electrician who is professionally trained to install renewable energy systems

  • Your system is installed by a solar company that provides you with reliable aftercare service if there is ever any issue

  • Your solar company does everything in-house so it serves as a single point of contact throughout the entire process

  • Your solar company is an electrical contractor run by electricians, not by salesman who will sell you anything and not deliver

What can you expect to pay for a quality solar system?

For good quality solar panel systems in Australia, including full installation and reliable afterservice, you can expect to pay:

2 kW $3500 - $6000

3 kW $4500 - $7500

4 kW $5500 - $9500

5 kW $7000 - $10,500

10 kW $13,500 - $26,000

Source: Clean Energy Council

The above prices already include the solar rebate. The costs can increase if the design of your home makes the system installation more difficult. If you’d like to get a custom assessment of your home for a solar energy system, simply leave us your details and one of our experienced solar consultants will get in touch with you.

What's next?

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