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Econnect Solar's Clean Energy Council Accredited electricians bring clean, affordable energy solutions to our local communities.


We offer:

     100% power

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Join thousands of Australians saving with solar each year.

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Why Choose Econnect Solar?

Unbeatable 25 Year Warranty

Enjoy our great range of customer protections including a huge 25 year warranty on panels, 25 year savings guarantee and a 5 year guarantee on all workmanship.

Electrician Owned & Operated


We are experienced Australian trade experts and we do it all ourselves. We train our electricians and employ only the best Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accredited installers.

Customers Rate Us


As a trusted local solar company we have installed hundreds of quality solar systems in the area, leaving our customers satisfied and smiling.

Matt and Heidi are saving over $700 a quarter on their electricity bill with a 6.4kW solar energy system.


"A flawless experience from the consult to the build, I highly recommend the guys at Econnect. Our electricity bill has reduced massively, very happy! ”

Fill out our Solar Savings Calculator to find out how much money you can save with solar. 

With Econnect Solar you are in good hands.


Our solar installation team has been servicing NSW for the past 12 years which has provided us with on-the-job insight that no other solar company can offer.


We have industry leading experience and employ only the best Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers.

Contact our solar experts today for personalised and friendly advice. 

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Johneen Pethers

One very happy customer. Matthew assured us we would be delighted with our choice of solar. First bill and we are $209.00 in credit. Very happy to recommend Econnect Solar to all my family and friends.