We only provide you with solar add-ons from brands that we trust and value for their reputation, quality and warranty backup.


The main problem with solar is that you cannot tell how much money you have saved until you receive a power bill from your retailer. Therefore we offer energy meters that are compatible with your inverter so you can make sure your system is performing correctly and efficiently. This also enables you to understand your energy usage and how you can change your habits to drive your energy bills down further. The energy meter costs between $150 - $600 depending on the inverter brand. This is the Fronius energy meter to give you an example.

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A solar optimiser is a device that you attach to the back of a solar panel which separates it from the rest of the panels. The benefit of this is, if a part of your system becomes shaded at a certain time of the day it will not decrease the performance of the rest of the panels.

Optimisers also allow you to put panels over multiple roof faces. They allow you to maximise the total area of your roof while keeping you panels at optimal performance.

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Get in touch to get a tailor-made solar power solution that is specifically designed to fit your home and your budget.


LG Chem is now ranked as the world's largest lithium-ion battery manufacturer, supplying a diverse range of energy storage products.

The large range of battery systems has positioned the company as one of the industry leaders in solar energy storage systems for both residential and larger commercial installations.

If you would like to invest later on, we will be able to assist you in adding on to your existing system.

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