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Why Solar Quotes Vary So Much Between Providers

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Are you in the process of choosing the best solar system for your home? Then you might have requested multiple solar energy quotes from different solar providers. It’s clear that getting multiple quotes is a good start to find the right system. But even after requesting different quotes, you might have difficulty determining how much a quality solar system will cost you.

You are probably asking yourself: How do I choose the right provider with some prices varying by more than 200%?

When it comes to minimising your energy bills, it is crucial to understand why these quotes vary so much and what you are getting for the quoted price. To make the best decision for your home and your family, there are a few things you should know.

First of all, let’s start with the price for a quality solar system. We’ve selected three of the most popular system sizes for residential solar installations:

3kW System $4500 - $7500

5kW System $7000 - $10,500

10 kW System $13,500 - $26,000

These prices are a guide provided by the Clean Energy Council which is the peak body for renewable energy in Australia. You can look up the prices here.

Why Are Some Solar Quotes Much Cheaper Than Others?

Now you might wonder why some of the quotes you received were much lower than the prices provided by the Clean Energy Council.

If you are quoted prices much lower than the prices stated in the table above, it is highly likely that the solar company is sacrificing the quality of installation, the quality of the panels and inverters and the level of customer service and warranties attached to your system.

A cheap solar system may initially seem to perform similarly. However the big difference is that a higher quality and therefore more expensive system will ensure a lower degradation rate of your solar panels. You will also receive better warranties, a customer service that you can count on and higher quality components which will perform better with different levels of shading. If lasting performance and reliable customer service are important to you – then the best choice for you is a quality solar system.

How Important Is Tier 1?

Now you might have received low priced quotes from solar providers that are advertising Tier 1 panels. You might wonder what that term means and how important it is?

Tier 1 is important, but it mainly defines the manufacturing process of the panels – not their performance or longevity, which should be your priority. Some companies might advertise Tier 1 panels but still deliver a low quality solar system with unreliable customer service.

How Do I Choose The Best Solar System For My Home?

Although we personally think we offer the best solar systems in partnership with the best in-house installation team in Australia, you should still get a few quotes to see which options you have.

But here is the deal: It is really important that you compare quotes for the same system size and the same quality solar panels and inverters. It makes no sense to compare two totally different system sizes or an LG panel with a no name panel. When receiving quotes for your solar energy system, be sure to ask yourself the following questions.

Has the system being tailored to my needs? Has my bill, my property and my daily usage been considered? Or is it just a standard package advertised on a website?

If a solar specialist has visited your home and asked you the right questions about your recent power bill, your daily usage, the condition and tilt of your roof, you can feel more confident that the system has been designed for you. However, if it’s just a package being advertised in an ad or on a website with a standard size and price, be careful. Make sure you fully understand the quality of the system you are being quoted on.

What If I Decide To Go For The Cheaper Solar System?

Be prepared for the following issues. Often the contractor is paid per job (not per hour) so they may cut corners and rush complex or tricky jobs to maintain profitability. Poorly installed solar systems are unlikely to last long. You may be able to replace your panels or inverters under warranty but some manufacturers will try to get out of their responsibility. This means that you might have to fight for your warranty or pay for a new inverter or panels.

Other than that it often happens that installers advertise top end components. However, they include in their sales conditions that they reserve the right to swap out the inverter and panels for equivalents. In the end they install a very cheap inverter and panels instead.

What Does Econnect Solar Recommend?

Choose a quality solar system that is well designed for your roof and your daily power usage. Go with a company that offers quality panels and inverters and that provides excellent customer service if there is ever an issue. Our trained and experienced team of in-house electricians is given the time to install your system properly on your roof. The result being you receive a high quality solar system that performs as promised for decades and provides you with a high return on investment.

Econnect Solar is here to help, so if you are looking for a high quality solar system with industry leading warranties and an experienced in-house team of electricians that works on each and every job, get a free quote and we will take care of the rest!

What's Next?

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