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Should You Invest In Risen Solar Panels? 5 Things To Consider First

The cost of solar panels in Australia has reduced in recent years. However, it’s very important when selecting the best solar panels to use for your solar system installation to bear in mind a few crucial factors. Factors aside from the price tag. Your purchase decision is one you’ll be living with for a long time and you need to get the best return on your investment.

So don’t base your buying decision on solar panel cost alone. Following are five things to consider first before investing in solar panels.

Risen 315W Monocrystalline Panels

1. Established Company

Find out how established the company is you consider buying solar panels from. Risen Energy is a global solar company founded in 1986, with an established presence in the Australian market since 2008. They have around 10,000 employees, and are the sixth largest PV module supplier in the world. Risen has an Australian office in Melbourne that you can call at if you ever have any questions about your solar panels. The manufacturer has completed more than 1 GW of grid-connected projects, and has a 2GW development pipeline.

2. Large-Scale Projects

One way you can see how trustworthy a solar panel manufacturer is to check if large-scale projects such as solar farms are part of their portfolio. It's always a good sign if big investors trust the manufacturer enough to install their panels on a large scale. Risen Energy has been chosen by Merredin City Council to build the biggest solar farm in Western Australia. Learn more here. Developer of the solar farm Risen Energy says it’s the biggest solar farm committed to construction in WA and is expected to generate 281 gigawatt-hours of clean electricity a year. In addition to the Merredin Solar Farm, Risen is also developing the Yarranlea Solar Farm, and it is set to be completed in November this year.

3. Module Efficiency Level

Make sure you pay attention to the panel's efficiency. Independent testing has shown Risen panels can perform at a module efficiency level of 18.9%, making them one of the highest efficiency panels on the market. Their panels are certified as corrosion resistant which makes them suitable for installation anywhere in Australia.

12.6kW Econnect Solar Solution with 40 x Risen 315W Mono Split Cell Panels

4. Product & Performance Warranty

Check on both the product and the performance warranty of the panels. Risen solar panels are backed up with an above average 12 year product warranty that covers them if they fail due to a fault in manufacturing. In addition their 25 year performance warranty steps in if the performance of the panels drops below the promised percentage (80% after 25 years). You can read more about solar panel warranties here.

5. Quality At A Competitive Price

Don't just look at the solar panel price. Make sure you get high quality panels for a competitive price. In the end, it all comes down to your return on investment. If you choose cheap panels they will likely fail in a few years so your ROI might be negative. What we like about Risen is that they were one of the first brands to make monocrystalline panels affordable. They offer competitive pricing for a superior panel.

What's next?

Find out how much you can save with an Econnect Solar Solution here. Or Request a call-back for personalised consultations and pricing. We offer trusted and friendly advice without any pressure.



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