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Going Green For Easter: 5 Simple Ways For A Sustainable Easter Celebration

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Around the world, Easter is celebrated in many different ways. Traditions vary from hard boiled eggs, over decorated eggs and chocolate treats through to exciting egg hunts. If you have children, Easter is probably one of their favorite holidays.

As Easter Sunday is fast approaching, why not include some sustainable and eco-friendly routines in your holiday events?

Read on to find out how to have an eco-friendly Easter celebration by making a few simple switches that will help the environment and make your Easter special for the whole family.

1. Hand-Colored Eggs

Plastic eggs are inexpensive and colorful. However, the significant downside is they often cannot be recycled. Instead of going for store-bought plastic, why not hand-color real eggs with your kids?

Your kids will absolutely love being able to create their own colorful Easter eggs, and there are some incredible tutorials online explaining how to make nontoxic egg dye from beets, turmeric, cabbage and more!

Click here to find out how to dye and decorate Easter eggs naturally.

2. Upgrade Your Eggs

If you are planning a traditional Easter celebration, try sourcing local eggs this year. Head to your local farmers market to pick some up – it may cost a little more, but there are several reasons to buy local.

First, fresher food is available at your farmers market.

There is also way less packaging involved. Another plus is that you are supporting the local economy and your neighbors.

3. Choose Locally Made Chocolate

In our consumer culture, it’s never a bad time to show kids what it means to value quality over quantity.

Rather than buying many cheap chocolate eggs or big mass-produced chocolate bunnies, find a small chocolatier at a farmers market or local grocery store and pick one really great chocolate treat instead.

This encourages your children to value the holiday, rather than the gifts or treats that come along with it.

4. Use Real Grass For Your Easter Baskets

When it comes to stuffing your basket, there are many alternatives to that strange, green, stringy plastic. It’s time for you to get creative! Here are some ideas to start you off. You can use a live plant like cat grass or, if you’re looking for an option that doesn’t need to be watered, try dyed wool or yarn which you can reuse year to year.

5. Visit A Local Farm

Take the time to bring your family to a nearby farm. Children and adults will get an up-close look at how their food gets from the farm to home.

Local food, or food grown with love doesn't just keep you alive. It keeps you in contact with the earth, the seasons, and your community.

Here’s the link to Local Harvest with helpful information around finding good, organic food near you. And here is a list of organic farms on and around the Gold Coast you can visit with your family.

Econnect Solar wishes you an incredible eco-friendly Easter holiday!


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